Why I Don’t Like Udimi Solo Ads and What I Use Instead.

Before I explain why I won’t use Udimi or any other supplier of addresses for solo ads, I need to mention that I believe solo ads to be one of the best, most effective and profitable tools available to the modern internet marketer. But perhaps first, for the benefit of anybody new to the concept, I should give a brief outline of what they are and how they work.


Solo ads are a one-time email blast, which you purchase from an email marketer, who already has an email list and it is perhaps the quickest and fastest way to start earning online and also to build your list but you need a web structure, like web pages and an autoresponder to support the process.

You need to:

  • Shortlist a solo ad vendor.
  • Get in touch with the person.
  • Place a small order of maybe only 100 clicks.
  • Craft your emails well
  • Write 3-4 versions of your solo ad
  • Add emails sequence to autoresponder
  • Check emails and autoresponder settings for correctness
  • Send the seller your copy and also ask for the solo ad
  • Set up your opt in page.
  • Have a nice free offer of value for downloading.
  • Link with your autoresponder
  • See response of solo ad by sending to safelists
  • Amend copy of solo ad as per safelist response.
  • Your best time to send your solo ad as well as
  • How to target your Solo Ads
  • The niche that you are in and the best market for it dictates
  • The places that you will ask the solo vendor to target.

axe-1292903It’s a lot of work, which is fine. Just because we are working online doesn’t mean we can shy away from hard work but we need to work smart as well as hard and I don’t believe that solo ads alone are the smartest route to take.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Udimi is a respectable, well established and highly successful option for anybody who wants to create and build a business online but I believe there is a better way. I have been online in business in one form or another since 2000, I have tried just about everything I could think of to develop a profitable presence and I have come to a conclusion which applies both on and offline and is as valid to a webmaster as it is to a master carpenter, plumber or electrician.

Spend your money wisely and invest in quality tools which give you the best value for money and will last a lifetime.

There are tens of thousands of ‘shiny objects’ offered to you online which promise short cuts to riches and ‘push-button silver bullet’ methods to a fortune however in my experience they are all, without exception, false dawns and there is no substitute for good solid foundations.

To be fair a lot of thought has gone into making Udimi, it assures you of safety, quality and value. Most solo business today is full of scammers but Udimi has solved many problems by:

  • Ensuring click fraud prevention which means that you are paying for genuine clicks only, there is no way that a vendor can cheat by delivering fraudulent clicks.
  • Introducing a built in escrow system which protects buyers where money is held in an escrow account till the buyer gets clicks paid for and only then is the money released to the seller.
  • All accounts are tied to a paypal account or credit card, so it’s impossible for a scammer to get in and sell fake clicks.
  • A lot of good features, including social network and forum which allows you to know what’s happening and know the sellers.
  • Calender is another great feature which allows you to see dates available and book your solo ad accordingly.

Is it the smartest way to work?

My two criteria for smart working are:

  • What does the tool do?
  • Does it give value for money?

Udimi is basically a website for marketers, will match buyers with sellers and charge them on an ongoing basis for the privilege.

Solo ads are great to use if you know what you’re doing, a newbie though will sadly end up wasting a lot of money until they have experience, which is why solo ads are generally not recommended for newbies. For me the bottom line is how well educated are you in online marketing techniques? Just like any other form of paid advertising solo ads can be very expensive and you will need a considerable budget at your disposal to give your campaign a fair chance.

In my experience there is very little point in only spending $200 on solo ads and expecting to make money. There is absolutely no guarantee of even a single sale, which means a total waste of $200 to be followed by more and more money chasing sales which may never materialize.

It is far better to spend your money on something which guarantees you a good return on your investment and which will introduce you to a more sophisticated and profitable approach to solo ads as well as many other things.

That is why I recommend The Directory of Ezines. Undoubtedly, their most reputed source, the (DOE) Directory of Ezines,is the powerhouse of solo ads.

The DOE does not sell any solo ads, it is as the name implies a compilation of ezines where you may advertise, with analysis about the best kind of ads to place and what kind of an advertisement is accepted by the ezine.

The DOE is long established and highly respected and the very fact of being listed in the DOE is an honour as the stringent criteria of the DOE ensures that only the best ezines get listed after thorough testing and investigation. But the DOE is far, far more than this and includes very many benefits its members.

The current members area of the DoE contains these additional benefits at no extra cost:

  • Free listing on MarketerProfiles.com
  • Place UNLIMITED classified adsFREE on the DOE Free Classified Pages!
  • Member Only Webinars
  • Pre Written Solo Ads
  • Pre Written Classified Ads
  • Free ad writing – Solo or classifieds – your choice!                                                                           As a member of The Directory of Ezines you get a custom solo ad written completely free! This alone is a $200 value, which is more than the one time cost of your DOE membership, yours free just for being a member.

From free consulting to brand-able reports, you get far more value than the price of membership. Check it out here The Directory of Ezines .